Today Greentogether officially launches the housing concept 'The Chameleon House'. The 'Chameleon House' (design by D+B Architects) offers healthy and affordable living comfort for everyone. The Green Structures of Renewbuilding form the basis of the house.


The Chameleon House offers healthy and affordable living comfort to small and large families, elderly people, starters and singles. Because of Renewbuilding's circular hull construction, the houses are easy to convert in order to better meet the housing needs of the future. In addition, the vapour-permeable construction and bio-based insulation make the homes pleasantly warm in winter and naturally cool in summer. The different types of homes can be combined in one row, which creates neighbourhood differentiation.


Wim-Heerke Spronk, managing director of Greentogether: 'With this housing concept, we are responding to the requirements of the current and future housing market. There is a great shortage of good and affordable social housing, which also meets the sustainability requirements. After all, the Netherlands has to be CO2 neutral by 2050. A task that many housing corporations and developers are struggling with. The Chameleon House is unique and has been developed to meet all these requirements. This is what the founders of Cradle to Cradle intended by circularity: to design a good home that is cleverly constructed and can last a lifetime. A house with many advantages, the corporate house of 'and, and, and' is the standard!


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