Building is not something you do alone; it never has been and never will be. Building is about working together. We have engaged a number of partners who are convinced of the urgency of a change in the construction industry. They are thrilled to contribute to making an impact when it comes to CO2 reduction in the entire construction chain. They are constantly helping us to incorporate the latest technology in our Green Structures.

We would like to introduce a number of partners to you below:


BouwNext designs and develops sustainable housing in an integrated manner. We use a Building Information Model (BIM) to integrate customer requirements, sustainability and systems thinking. We ensure the participation and equal input of all construction parties. This approach yields more and creative solutions and enables better-considered choices. Climate change calls for new thinking. It is no longer about the investment but about the total costs from start to finish. Together, we can make buildings that meet the building requirements in less time, with fewer mistakes and with lower costs over the entire lifecycle.


Greentogether is a platform of parties who, each with their own expertise, have one common goal: building a better, green world. Greentogether makes its vision concrete by developing projects with ecological model homes and business buildings. These have a healthy living and working environment and a small footprint on the earth.


Sweco designs and develops the sustainable societies and cities of the future. We do this by providing qualified services in the field of engineering consultancy and architecture.


More and more people and organisations choose to bank with Triodos Bank, one of the most sustainable banks in the world. Over 700,000 customers are already part of our positive movement. Like us, they are convinced that money has the power to change.


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