Municipalities want to and must do their part in receiving the people, mainly women and children from Ukraine. The urgent demand for modular housing has not passed us by either.

It is about providing shelter for people who have had to leave their homes and families behind against their will because of the terrible war in their home countries. Preparations are currently being made for this. We are already working with our national and international (construction) partners on various solutions and projects to meet the demand for temporary accommodation as quickly as possible. Hopefully, together we will be able to provide these people with a safe home in the near future.

Ready-made modular concepts

We already have a number of ready-made modular concepts that we can produce quickly. Naturally, these relocatable buildings are based on our circular building system 'Green Structures' with its associated benefits, as is well known.

Finally, we had already recently scaled up our production capacity significantly, enabling us to make a substantial contribution in the short term to meet the acute demand for modular housing. 

Want to know more?

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