Time is running out. The construction sector is desperately looking for solutions to make the building industry CO2 neutral. Renewbuilding wants to make an impact in the field of CO2 reduction and CO2 storage to ensure a healthy future for everything we hold dear. We develop, produce and assemble circular hulls under our own label: Green Structures


Circular building is the future! Every year, 75,000 new homes have to be built. Why don't we do this cleanly and sustainably? Renewbuilding has developed circular hulls for this purpose, which we can produce and assemble for any contractor, so that the majority of this housing shortage will be realised in a CO2-neutral manner. We are independent, share our knowledge and facilitate the construction company. Renewbuilding Green Structures makes circular building possible for every building contractor.


Together with a number of partners, we realise a well thought-out and automated production process. This makes Renewbuilding the figurehead of innovative construction. Whatever your project, our hulls are sustainable and can be assembled at the construction site with minimum lead time.

For our bio-based construction elements of our hulls, or Green Structures, we use a basic product that is naturally circular and provides CO2 storage. Namely wood! The building material of the future. By using responsible wood and vapour permeable materials, we are all contributing to a better living environment. After all, vapour permeable constructions are praised for their use; it's a living environment that literally breathes!

Renewbuilding represents a new way of building, which brings health and efficiency together in a smart and green product: Green Structures.