Signatories of the City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building contribute to an affordable, sustainable and progressive building agenda. Greentogether and Renewbuilding are among the signatories of the megadeal, initiated by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.


The City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building is a partnership of governments, construction companies, knowledge institutions and umbrella organisations. Recently, no fewer than 50 participants were added. This brings the total number of participants to 87. Gertjan de Werk, project manager of the Circular and Conceptual Construction City Deal, is proud: 'The signing of all these new participants makes this the largest City Deal ever. With so many motivated partners coming together with their diversity of knowledge in this deal, great things are going to happen!


Wim-Heerke Spronk, CEO of Greentogether and Renewbuilding: 'We are enthusiastic about this deal, which will get things moving because of its size. Our team is ready to contribute to green construction wherever possible. With Renewbuilding, we have developed circular shells for this purpose: Green Structures. We can produce and assemble these on behalf of any contractor. In this way, the vast majority of the housing shortage can be realised in a CO2-neutral way. We already have beautiful inspiration projects that we are developing in cooperation with renowned architects. We have one thing in common: our hearts are in ecological building projects. We see great opportunities in the use of bio-based materials. We need awareness and above all space to build green, and hopefully the City Deal will help with that.


Rosemarie Bastianen, director of Spatial Planning and the Living Environment at the founding partner BZK welcomes the new participants. Both the housing challenge and the use of bio-based materials require an enormous amount of space. We see many opportunities for linking up in this City Deal for space and living environment. With the enthusiasm for cooperation in this City Deal, we can make integral progress.


In the coming years, one million homes will have to be built in order to meet the demand for housing. At the same time, we are faced with the task of doing this in a circular and climate-neutral way, using renewable raw materials and reducing CO2 and nitrogen. The central ambition of the participants in this City Deal is therefore to make the building sector a driving force for the circular economy.


Gertjan de Werk is hopeful. So much is already possible, now we have to move beyond the pilot phase. In this City Deal, we are going to apply what we already know and thus bring about an enormous upscaling of circular construction. The innovations and ambitions will not be the least of our worries. 


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