With its Green Structures, Renewbuilding has a ready-made answer to clean and sustainable building. And that's literally and figuratively speaking, given our circular shells. With our Green Structures, we ensure that construction can be green and 'smart': specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound.


In close cooperation with the contractor and based on the design, we develop the wooden biobased hulls. We deliver the drawings in an IFC model (3D model). From this, we can distil element drawings to control the woodworking machines. We engineer in such a way that the hulls can be easily dismantled. The elements can be reused separately or as a whole. That means saving costs and extending the CO2 storage period, a win-win situation.


Our Green Structures form a smart, remountable and circular building system. The prefab bio-based hulls can be installed quickly and with light equipment. In this way, we make ecological building affordable, plannable and reduce failure costs; in other words, we make building 'smart'.

Renewbuilding also builds vapour permeable buildings. We only use natural insulation materials with moisture-regulating properties that score high in terms of sound insulation and acoustics. The vapour permeable construction creates a breathable indoor climate with natural humidity and heat regulation.


We do not limit ourselves to timber system constructions. We can also develop constructions based on Crossed Laminated Timber together with you. Furthermore, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) constructions and wooden I-beams are among the possibilities. We can deliver and assemble these timber constructions.

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