Renewbuilding stands for a new way of building. A way of building that does justice to the earth on which we are guests. We develop, produce and assemble prefabricated circular shells for construction companies. These Green Structures consist of reusable elements based on wood. All the building materials we use become raw materials for new useful materials. By facilitating builders with our knowledge and circular products, together we reduce CO2 emissions throughout the chain. Our hulls are detachable, which means that the elements can be reused and we prolong the CO2 storage. Green Structures are a healthy foundation for building the future.


We want to make the building chain CO2-neutral. We contribute to a green, circular world.


Our ambition is a green world, in which wood is worth 'gold'. In which Renewbuilding makes healthy living and working accessible to everyone! This requires special attention to affordability and detachable construction. This circular thinking results in a building system with Green Structures, which enables us to build serial housing, but also special projects. In addition, we are developing a growth fund in which parties become owners of building elements and building materials. It literally and figuratively does away with old thinking and is profitable for everyone! Used materials are given a value: wood is the new gold!

In the further development of our biobased hulls, or Green Structures, we have worked out five scales of circularity:

  1. growth materials with an infinite life cycle;
  2. raw materials with a life cycle of 300 years
  3. elements with a life cycle of 150 years;
  4. modules with a life cycle of 100 years;
  5. buildings and dwellings with a life cycle of 50 years.

At the end of the life cycle, Green Structures can be recycled back into raw materials. In this way, we are dealing responsibly with the resources of Mother Earth. The use of wood and a vapour-permeable construction simultaneously ensure a wonderful indoor climate in a building. Wood refers to that climbing tree of yesteryear, wood is pleasant to touch, smells good and thus you experience liveability in its purest form.

Wij bouwen aan een groene wereld