The housing stock is scarce, the nitrogen level is high. Time for innovation. With our Green Structures, we offer a ready-made solution with a small footprint for house building and project development. 

Renewbuilding develops, produces and assembles circular hulls for all building contractors. This makes it possible to build bio-based, high-quality houses in a relatively short time. Green Structures thus form an important basis for homes in a circular economy. They enable fast, clean and sustainable construction through the exclusive use of natural materials, light construction equipment and few transport movements on the building site. In addition, all materials of the Green Structures can later be used in a new application. They are therefore fully re-usable.


In residential construction, our Green Structures take care of the entire shell from the ground floor to the roof. We carry out a blower door test and demonstrate that the house is airtight and vapour permeable as agreed. The result is a wonderful living environment.


Green Structures by Renewbuilding are insulated with healthy alternatives to glass wool and rock wool, namely wood (wool) and cellulose. We build vapour-permeable, but airtight structures. This requires sophisticated engineering, production and assembly, which we are happy to do for you. Read more about how we develop, produce and assemble on our website.

By independently developing Green Structures for serial housing construction, Renewbuilding is putting its vision of a CO2-neutral construction chain into practice. This will bring healthy large-scale living within reach of the general public.

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