We must change course! Current CO2 emissions and the nitrogen problem are forcing us to look at the construction sector differently. Traditional working methods must make way for new working methods. Our team consists of specialists, each with their own expertise. Years of experience in the construction industry and in the production process of timber system construction come together with experience outside the construction industry in the areas of marketing, logistics and aesthetics. Other insights help us to continually point out worn-out habits. The power of change lies not in the change itself, but in uncovering and tackling deep-rooted habits, resulting from old insights. The Renewbuilding team successfully translates the various insights into a smart, remountable and circular building system: Green Structures.

We would like to introduce our experienced management team of specialists.


'Getting started for a new world'

‘With Renewbuilding we are working towards a new world, where pollution and waste makes way for smart sustainable construction'. These are the words of an enthusiastic and driven Frances Swets. She knows the building world inside out. Frances has more than 25 years of experience in various managerial positions at large and medium-sized construction companies. Both on a project and a company basis. ‘I also like to think outside the wood system construction. My goal is always to make a project feasible together. Together, we make an impact and turn the world of waste around.’


'Thinking out of the box in the construction industry'

‘Thinking out of the box, it is possible! Also in the construction industry'. That is what Wim-Heerke Spronk says. A strategist and connector in heart and soul. As founder of Renewbuilding, he is the founder of Green Structures. ‘As far as we are concerned, this is the foundation of new homes and buildings in a circular economy'. Wim-Heerke has a background in marketing and communications and extensive experience in the construction industry. Bringing both specialisms together has added value. ‘You can have a great idea, but you have to communicate it. We deliver to every construction company and that makes us strong together in realising the change to a green construction.’


'Like to pass on energy'

Renewbuilding consists of entrepreneurs who get energy from tackling new things. Rob Dekker is  such a person. ‘I like to pass on that energy to bring out the best in each other. We want to leave the world a better place.’ Rob has twenty years of experience in timber frame construction, is a board member of the timber construction systems section of the sector organisation and a board member of the Timber Information Centre. ‘Wood is really in my genes.’ Rob is also a specialist in everything to do with engineering and efficiency in production processes and prefabrication. ‘Combining natural materials with an efficient production process is the way to really let wood penetrate the chain'.  


'Multifunctional and energy-neutral'

‘As an architect, you're used to listening to clients and thinking about designs.’ So says Cees Bongers, the Renewbuilding team specialist who checks whether Green Structures can be properly integrated into the designs that architects come up with. ‘This is what is known as form-free development.’ As an experienced BNA architect, Cees sets the bar high. ‘I use my experience and knowledge of construction to guarantee quality. I believe in green construction, and I am happy to share my knowledge of insulation, circularity and sustainability.’

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