She sent nitrogen plans to the Lower House in mid-October 2020 to reduce nitrogen emissions by 25 per cent before 2030. Researcher Johan Remkes argued earlier for 50 percent.


The obligation to emit less nitrogen in the vicinity of protected nature areas will disappear. The construction sector does get a temporary exemption for building permits, so that work can be done on the much-needed houses. Getting and keeping the construction going again is crucial for the economy and the economic recovery after the corona crisis', says minister Schouten on

In May 2019, the Council of State banned the nitrogen policy of the cabinet. It was too non-committal and it did not help nature. Subsequently, no more building permits were allowed. Since then the cabinet, with Schouten at the helm, has been diligently looking for a new robust nitrogen policy that will help nature and the economy.


Opportunities for companies like Renewbuilding to introduce an innovative way of building. The traditional way of building is going out of date,' says Wim-Heerke, managing director of Renewbuilding. 'With our Green Structures you can build ecologically in a competitive way. We supply the entire construction sector and make ecological building possible for every entrepreneur. Renovating existing buildings is also part of this. Whatever your project, our timber system construction is sustainable and can be assembled on site with minimum lead time. There is now a temporary exemption for construction, but being prepared for future construction is of course much stronger and more environmentally friendly.

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