The government is allocating an extra billion euros between 2021 and 2030 to pull the construction industry out of the doldrums. The goal is cleaner construction and fewer nitrogen emissions. The investment follows a decision by the Council of State on nitrogen policy last year.

Half a billion of the money will go to cleaner lorries and machines, insiders report after various media report. The other half of the amount will remain on the shelf for a while. This can be used for construction or other nitrogen measures.


A ruling by the Council of State last year means that environmental permits for construction, for example, cannot be granted because nitrogen emissions are too high and the nitrogen precipitation damages sensitive nature areas. The Dutch policy was in conflict with European rules on this matter. For this reason, Schouten had already set aside five billion euros: two billion to reduce nitrogen emissions from agriculture, industry and shipping, for example, and three billion to strengthen special nature reserves.


On top of that, there is now money for cleaner construction. This is important for the government, because the lack of housing is one of the most pressing political issues. Moreover, emissions from housing construction are only temporary. In the case of green energy projects, even the construction thereof may be polluting, but the project itself will contribute to, for example, the energy transition once it is built. The government will soon be meeting with the construction sector to discuss the measures.

(source: ANP)

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