Renewbuilding endorses the Manifesto 'A level playing field for a more sustainable Netherlands'. It is a call to policymakers to ensure that calculation methods take account of the main objective of reducing CO2 emissions.

Wim-Heerke Spronk, CEO of Renewbuilding, also signed the manifesto, which was created on the initiative of VORM, a nationally operating developer and builder. It's about promoting the use of emission-friendly materials,' says Spronk. In the current methodology, CO2 storage through the use of biomaterials is not properly included in the MKI/MPG calculation.


Spronk: 'CO2-storage of wood, the MKI/MPG calculation states, has a temporary character. However, we think that biomaterials will reduce CO2 emissions for up to a century. There is a triple profit to be made. Let me explain: by building with biomaterials, CO2 is taken from the air and stored for a longer period of time. Secondly, there are no emissions from the production of a fossil alternative. And thirdly, products such as timber system construction and CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) will in practice be reused in the next building object. Not to mention the reuse as board or insulation material, which will give wood a new life again. By the time it is used as a fuel for a power plant, it will have been 100 years. If CO2 storage is included in the MPG calculation, it is even possible to build 'MPG negative'.


Several large parties from the building industry signed the manifesto. They believe that the climate challenge is too urgent for the sector to be delayed by industrial interests, however well they understand those interests. Spronk: 'As market parties, we are asking politicians and policymakers to include CO2 storage in the current instruments used for the MPG calculation. This will create a level playing field for bio-based materials. Renewbuilding would like to help speed up the process of making buildings more sustainable. We subscribe to the principle of 'concrete where biomaterials cannot yet be used, biomaterials where they can now'.

Click here to read the entire manifesto 'A level playing field for a more sustainable Netherlands'.

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