The Japanese have been producing timber without cutting down trees for 700 years. Daisugi is a Japanese forestry technique that originated around the 14th century. Shoots of a certain type of cedar tree are carefully pruned. This way, several branches grow straight up from the base of the tree. 


This centuries-old technique results in beautiful, straight tree trunks. This makes them extremely suitable for construction. After the trunks are pruned, it takes about 20 years for new shoots to grow back, after which the process repeats itself. This makes Daisugi a very sustainable and exceptional forestry technique.


Wim-Heerke Spronk reported this message on LinkedIn, which garnered some 100,000 views in just a few days. Reactions from WOW and fat, what a phenomenon to people who have seen the trees in real life in Japan. They say that you do not know what you see. But apparently a very old technique that still has to gain fame. Hopefully our post will help!

Photo: David Attenborough

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