The Dutch Timber Industry Association is in favour of building with wood. Wood is clean and wooden houses store CO2. But how much is this? On its website the NvbT has a handy calculation module.

The NBvT calculation module CO2-storage in wood gives a good, realistic indication of the amount of CO2 captured, but is not a scientific document. It is a practical tool to show the market that wood fixes a net amount of CO2. This is in contrast to most other building materials. During growth, trees store CO2. This CO2 storage continues as long as wood is used as a product.

With the CO2 NBvT calculation module, you can calculate in two steps how much CO2 is fixed in your wood products. Even if your products consist of more than one type of wood. Account is also taken of wood (fibres) in different types of board material.

By selecting a type of wood/board material and entering the cubic metres of wood, the amount of CO2 stored is calculated. If several types of wood are used in one product, you can enter several types of wood/plate materials. You must enter your gross wood dimensions and gross wood quantities here.

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