We do not live in healthy houses, we still build too much from our own little islands and we must look beyond the euro. The value of a building is not determined by the structure alone. There is so much more to be gained. Wim-Heerke Spronk says.

Look at the materialisation, look at the process, at the reusability - so it's possible to build in a reusable way - and industrialisation is a must, of course. Why do we still do everything on the building site? To give an example: if you build a house in the traditional way with concrete, it is very dirty anyway. You have a lot of transport movements to put everything in place. For a precast concrete wall, you need one truck per wall for the weight. Our house goes on one truck. If you look at the assembly of such a house, if you build in the traditional way, then you spend twice as long with three times as many people compared to building a wooden house as we do. A shell of ours is built in a day. So that's possible.  


And with us Wim-Heerke Spronk refers to his independent companies: Greentogether and Renewbuilding. Greentogether stands for togetherness. You need that for a large-scale change. The architects associated with Greentogether have devised smart, ready-to-use, bio-based buildings for housing and utilities like schools and fire stations. Renewbuilding is the supplier to the construction industry. We want to share knowledge with construction companies, but going there with your suitcase and a tailor-made suit has no effect. That's why they came up with ready-made, bio-based circular shells. The construction industry is searching for answers and by sharing knowledge circular building becomes accessible, by scaling it up it becomes affordable. 

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