Wood is the new gold. After all, timber construction creates the smallest possible footprint. Wim-Heerke Spronk talks about it with enthusiasm as the director of Renewbuilding. An innovative start-up that has elevated circular construction to an art form. Bouwbeurs also published about it.

We are not a threat, but an opportunity. Precisely because we work together with construction companies and architects. Only together can you achieve a real change in the construction industry'. He is happy to share his knowledge with the Dutch construction and civil engineering sectors. 


In his talk, Spronk mentions the innovative Green Structures, reusable elements based on wood. Renewbuilding develops, produces and assembles these prefab circular shells, which can be delivered to any construction company. The construction industry is looking for answers, and by sharing knowledge circular building becomes accessible and affordable through upscaling. With Green Structures, every builder can build biobased, without having to have it in-house. The basis for creating a greener building is cooperation and not wanting to do everything yourself. This is in addition to a national Circular Construction Growth Fund that Renewbuilding wants to start. 'A fund that invests in renewable and reusable building materials and raw materials is an enormous incentive that affects the operation of homes,' says Spronk. 

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