In BNR News Radio's 'Smart Heads' programme, Diana Matroos goes in search of innovative solutions for important themes such as climate and quality of life. Former minister Jacqueline Cramer is a guest there, together with our general director.

Wednesday 7 April at 19.00 hours, 'SLimme Koppen (Smart Heads)' can be heard on BNR Nieuwsradio. You can listen back via 

Jacqueline Cramer was Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment until 2010 and has been Professor of Sustainable Business Practice at Utrecht University since 2005. She is ambassador for Circular Economy for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Themes like climate, healthy living, online world and the quality of life in the city are close to her heart. Precisely the themes that BNR likes to bring to the attention of entrepreneurs who want to move forward. 


Cramer and Wim-Heerke Spronk, CEO of Renewbuilding and of Greentogether, will discuss technical and social innovations that ensure a sustainable transition in the building world. Innovations that Spronk, with his vision of making the building sector CO2-neutral, is keen to stimulate. He also works and thinks along these lines himself by developing innovative circular products based on 'wood'. I do that together with a team of specialists from the construction world and architects,' Spronk emphasises. 


Cramer is also chairman of the Concrete Agreement in progress. We are leading the way in the world,' says Cramer. This agreement contributes to a substantial reduction in the environmental impact of concrete and strengthens the innovative power and competitive position of participating companies and training opportunities for employees.

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