Making sustainability a natural part of young people's lives. Renewbuilding is happy to contribute to this. On 1 April, we held the masterclass 'Natural Circular Building' for architecture students at Technova College in Ede. 

Wim-Heerke Spronk, CEO of Renewbuilding, and Peter Brouwer, architect of D+B architects and Greentogether, were happy to share their knowledge. We enjoyed sharing our experiences with the next generation of builders during this interactive workshop. In this way, we contribute to the national initiative of the SMARTCircular Foundation to connect education, entrepreneurs and government. Central to this are the climate themes of circular construction and energy transition. 


These students are the future,' says Spronk. And of course we want to prepare them for that as well as possible. When it comes to healthy living and working, you can't teach that young enough. It's nice that young people are introduced to sustainable and innovative concepts such as Renewbuilding's Green Structures. Brouwer: 'We told the students about the possibilities of designing and building with ecological and bio-based materials. We see great opportunities in using them. We want to stimulate that with Greentogether. The growth of these materials requires CO2 and their use in construction ensures CO2 storage. We are working towards a change in thinking in the building industry.


With the themes of circular construction and energy transition, teams of pupils and students throughout the Netherlands will set to work. They will be given design assignments and will be introduced to innovative sustainable concepts in their own creative way. Spronk: 'Renewbuilding is committed to a way of building that does justice to the earth on which we are guests. Next week, we will enthusiastically set to work with a group of students in Rotterdam. Learning young is doing old. Together we are working on a greener world.

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